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My Passion: By our MD James Hill

By Craig | 03-12-2018

Learn about what fires up our Managing Director

James Hill, managing director at Arrow Self Drive, shares his passion for driving.

As a small child I would stand by the window at home shouting out the brands of all the cars and trucks as they drove by. Inspired by my dad and having grown up surrounded by vehicles, my passion is driving, be it cars, trucks, anything I can get behind the wheel of.

I know that most people might aim to separate their home and work lives, as it may seem like a bus man’s holiday, but to me, my passion being so closely related to my business means that I am truly passionate about my work and the motor industry as a whole.

As the years have progressed, my knowledge has continued to increase and my passion for all four wheeled things has continued to grow with it.

There’s really nothing that fires me up more than taking one of our new vehicles out on the open road. I get a sense of excitement and freedom.  As a managing director I have to make many strategic decisions daily and a long drive is often where I can concentrate the most and find the space to really think things through that may have been on my mind for days.

I remember as a young boy being fascinated watching my dad driving, trying to get my head around how it all worked, I couldn’t wait to finally be old enough to take my test and take one of the cars out for a spin.

My first car was actually a van, a Vauxhall Nova to be precise.

My dad and I still share a special bond over driving and try to spend as much time as possible surrounding ourselves with vehicles. We go to the auctions together every week for the business and to keep an eye on the market. We also try to head to Le Mans Classic every two years as we’re both huge fans of classic cars. We’re such a pair of petrol heads! We also really enjoy collecting and restoring classic cars together. My favourite car that we’ve restored so far has to be the most recent, my MGB GT Sebring Replica, and I am looking forward to completing track laps at the next Le Mans with it.

Many vehicle manufacturers launch their latest models at events all across Europe, I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend such events regularly, test driving the new vehicles in various cities, including Barcelona, Mallorca and Millbrook Proving Ground, one of the largest vehicle testing centres in Europe.

I’m very lucky to work in an industry which I’m so passionate about, I’m always keen to continue learning and having such a vast interest in the subject really keeps me ahead of the game for upcoming developments for the business.

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