Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Our newly introduced paperless system is just one of the ways that we are reducing our carbon footprint as a company. Here are some of the other ways in which we are taking steps to becoming an environmentally conscious businessWe are constantly updating our fleet to the most energy efficient and compliant vehicles.

  1. We encourage our staff to use Hybrid vehicles where possible.
  2. We recycle our old uniforms and unwanted items by donating them to charity.
  3. We employ specialist waste management services to collect and recycle our used tyres, oil and metal.
  4. We use LED lighting and replace old bulbs with LED bulbs as and when they need replacing.
  5. Our Huddersfield and Wakefield sites both operate a rainwater recycling system that collects and pipes rainwater into our steam cleaner for the purpose of washing all of our vehicles.
  6. We switch off lights and computers at the end of each working day.
  7. We provide microwaves in our staff canteens to minimise food heating costs
  8. We have a policy of investing in and harnessing the latest technology that can improve our carbon footprint.
  9. We do business with other businesses who demonstrate

 What are the ways in which your business reduces its carbon footprint?

 Work out your emissions with this free online calculator and find out how you could improve   your business to help the environment.