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Sheffield New Site Move

By Amanda | 05-02-2020

We're Moving! Our Sheffield depot relocates in a month to our new purpose built depot

On Tuesday March 3rd are relocating from our current site on Greenland Road after outgrowing the plot after just six years.


Over the past year we have been busy developing the new site on Surbiton Street, which was purchased from Barnsley business Truswell Haulage. The plan is to create a depot fitted out with the most up to date technology and state of the art workshop facility. The custom built depot will bring the capability to do onsite repairs and servicing and feature a commercial brake tester to meet the anticipated new legislation for HGV testing guidelines that are believed to be imminent.


Gary Tromans, depot manager, who has been with the company since the acquisition in Dronfield, is optimistic about the prospects that the new location will bring.

“ We have enjoyed organic growth and have established ourselves in Sheffield as a leader in business vehicle leasing. But we have outgrown this depot and its capabilities. The new Surbiton site has been designed to be future proof, allowing us to expand without restrictions. The infrastructure we are creating now will give us freedom of growth as well as improved level of service for our customers - and that is exciting. “

Not all of the facilities and building work will have been completed in time for the move. It is estimated that it will another six to eight months before the depot and new workshops are finally completed. Since the new site is a mere half a mile from the existing depot the relocation is expected be a smooth one with the minimum of disruption to the every day running of the business.

Managing Director James Hill explains,

“ Our team in Sheffield have been working hard to grow the business with great success. We now find that we need larger premises to house the increasing fleet size and a Sheffield specific workshop to facilitate a quicker and better service for our business customers. By the time we have completed the project we will have invested around £800,000 into the new purpose built site. Going forward we are looking at creating between 10 and 15 new jobs for skilled technicians and in all likelihood be taking on at least one apprentice. It’s time for Arrow Self Drive to increase its presence in Sheffield and further contribute to the growth of the City; our strategy is to achieve slow and steady growth and I am particularly excited about Sheffield’s part in achieving that.”

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