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Valued Customer Wins Business Awards

By Amanda | 20-11-2014

Examiner Business Awards 2014: Business Person of the Year, our customer Zeb Pervaiz

Examiner Business Awards 2014: Business Person of the Year, our customer Zeb Pervaiz

Congratulations to Arrow Self Drive customer Zeb Pervaiz of SKA Textiles in Huddersfield for winning the Examiner Business Awards Business Person of the Year.

SKA Textiles successfully combines the best of Huddersfield’s textile traditions with the latest state-of-the-art technology and supplies major clients including the Arcadia group, Debenhams and M&S.

Its expertise in knitting, dyeing and finishing have enabled the firm to compete with imports on price, quality and speed as well as supplying special yarns for use in cars, planes, the health sector, sport and defence.

We asked Zeb, a loyal customer of Arrow Self Drive for years, how working with us had improved his business operations.

Zeb said: “We are a local family firm making the impossible possible. It is boom time for us. Arrow Self Drive has been instrumental in helping us attract and retain these larger store customers by providing trucks to carry the larger loads they expect. Previously we were only able to deliver 500 pieces at a time, now we can haul 800– 900 in one go. Not only has this improved efficiency but it has also saved us money, both on fuel bills and driver hours. The latest DAF truck was built by Arrow Self Drive especially for us with a lightweight body and reinforced sides. This bespoke vehicle has enabled us to carry our specialist high end product without compromise. It makes good business sense and is one of the fundamental operational decisions that has contributed to our current success.”

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