Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather is often a challenge but this year it has been particularly difficult with days of torrential rain and high winds as well as snow and possibly more to come.

Keeping your vehicle in its best condition is paramount to keeping safe on the roads and at Arrow we have been working hard to ensure all our lease vehicles are in tip top condition. 

Car batteries are put to the test in rough weather with increased use of lights, heating and wipers so checking battery life is important.  Keeping antifreeze topped up is essential and replacing any faulty or ineffective wiper blades is good practice.  We ensure tyre tread is well within safe limits and the tyres we choose are able to cope with wet and icy conditions.  Brake checks are standard as is checking oil levels.

Our maintenance team take pride in turning out all our vehicles in the best of condition, ready for all weathers.

There are other things you can do though to avoid an incident in bad weather.

Take it slow.  If you are unsure of excess surface water or how slippery the road surface is, reduce your speed.  Stopping distances can be 10 times longer when its icy.

Check fuel levels before you set off on your journey, make sure all windows are clear and number plates and lights are clean.  It’s always good practice to have essential kit in the car, such as a scraper, de-icer, torch and blanket.

Being safe on the roads starts before you leave home, being prepared and thinking ahead. Always allow extra time when the weather is bad and stick to main roads where you can.

At Arrow, we do our best to keep you safe.  And if you need any advice, our team are happy to help.