Yorkshire Tea Party for Forget me Not

It was flat caps and teapots galore across five branches of Arrow Self Drive on Friday 15th August at our Yorkshire Tea Parties in aid of the Forget me Not Children’s hospice.

The staff of Huddersfield, Barnsley, Wakefield, Bradford and Knaresborough used their baking skills to produce an array of gateaux, fairy cakes, muffins, buns, biscuits and pasties for customers to enjoy. Each of the depots were dressed and decorated with balloons and buntin to create a great party atmosphere and Little Arrow Self Drive motifs appeared on apple pies and cakes everywhere.

In Barnsley ASDA donated a batch of fresh buns and Louise brought out the coffee machine to treat customers to freshly brewed espressos. The drivers also took cakes out to customers when delivering and boosted sales though their out of the box thinking.

The Wakefield team had really gone to town with the home baking with the most professional fairy cakes ever and specially prepared bags of biscuits from a local customer who had even gone to the trouble of packaging them up in Forget me Not branded packets. Manager Jayne did a sweep of local businesses and jumped on a few passing random people for donations.

Mr Kipling made an appearance in Knaresborough, where Yorkshire Tea was the flavour of the day, served in delicate bone china cups vintage style. Their local Morrissons store also donated a £20 voucher to the cause.

Many customers gave donations in cash amounts of £5, £10, £20 and even £50 from one customer at the Bradford branch. Bradford customers Watsons Bakery kindly supplied a free crateful of cakes to sell the staff cleverly produced bun boxes so the drivers could take out their sweet offerings to customers off site.

And at head office in Huddersfield there was a steady stream of customers and staff enjoying the fresh coffee, cakes, Pain au chocolat and corned beef hash pasties served all day long.

As yet the funds haven’t been counted but ultimately the day was a huge success with staff and customers alike. Thanks go to everyone who put such a massive amount of effort into the day, to those who supported and donated in different ways, even though the Forget me Not children’s hospice is based in Huddersfield. As soon as the money is counted we will announce the final amount raised.