Yes, they can but you must inform us in advance and pay an additional driver's protection. The second driver must also provide their full driving licence for inspection before becoming a named driver.

All rentals are charged per 24 hours e.g. a 24-hour rental is one day, where a rental exceeds 24 hours an additional days charge will apply.

We have a flexible approach to daily rentals. If you know you re going to be late returning your vehicle up to one hour please contact your depot and we will accomodate you without charge. Charges may be incurred if the return is later than one hour or falls outside of opening hours. If the return of the vehicle falls into an extra 24-hour period an extra day will be charged.

Our core weekend prices for cars and minibuses start from 4pm on Friday to 8.30am on the following Monday. For commercial vehicles weekend prices start from the time that your pick-up location opens on Friday to 8.30am on the following Monday.

Unfortunately not. We require you to return the vehicle to the same depot where you collected it from.

We supply your rental vehicel full of fuel and we prefer you to return it full. However should you not have time to refuel we will charge you for the difference, but please note that the refuelling cost will be charged to you at a rate significantly higher than the average pump price. 

Retail bookings – This is possible at most of our locations but the person paying for the rental must come into depot and use their card and enter their chip and pin to make the payment and deposit. Business use - This service is available at most depots along with a delivery and collection service.

Report this immediately to the depot you collected the vehicle from or by calling our emergency number on 07718 736279. Charges will apply for replacement keys and lock sets.

Call our One Call Breakdown and recovery team on 07718 736279 immediately.

Yes all our depots have parking but vehicles left at the depots remain at your own risk.

Rates can change at any time or/ and date, depending upon vehicle availability.

No, once you have confirmed your reservation booking, the price will not change unless the booking is amended and there will be no hidden charges.

When you rent a vehicle from Arrow Self Drive , Third Party Liability cover for bodily injury and property damage will always be provided, in accordance with the legal requirements. We also include Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) in all of our rates.

LDW relieves any or part of the customer's responsibility for loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement. LDW is often offered with a standard excess amount, with an option to reduce that amount with additional cover.


Standard daily insurance without CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) covers

  • The vehicle
  • The driver
  • The passengers


It does not cover the cost of repairing


  • Windscreen chips
  • Punctures
  • The first £1,000 of damage to the vehicle


Standard daily insurance and CDW insurance covers everything with an excess of £200 or the sum of deposit paid.


Yes, please ask the rentals advisors for details.

Glass and Windscreen is not covered by the inclusive Loss Damage Waiver.

The inclusive Third Party Insurance would provide cover for any injury occurred to any passenger(s) of their rented vehicle (but the Driver would not be covered).

All (potential) second or additional drivers need to be added on the rental agreement (RA), so they can benefit from insurance and protections. A charge for second/additional drivers will apply.

For genuine accidental damage you are liable up to your deposit amount. If it is deemed that the damage is malicious or intentional you will be charged for the full repair cost.

Our damage department will contact you as soon as they can to advise you of the details.

No, it is not permitted to use personal insurance for a hire car unless the hire is on a business account.

If the accident was your fault then the answer is no. However if the accident wasn’t your fault, the amount you paid for insurance will be refunded once the claim has been settled.

If you pay by Credit card - Extensions can be agreed up to 7 days by phone subject to availability. Any extensions beyond the extended 7 days or with differing payment methods must be made/agreed directly with the depot.

Cancellations can be made at any point prior to the start of the rental.

Please note if a prepaid reservation is not cancelled prior to the start time and then not collected, the rental amount will still be charged to the customer in full.

If you have made a prepaid reservation you will be charged a cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee will be up to the first 3 days of the rental rate. If the rental is less than 3 days, it will be the full rental.

A returnable deposit will be required upon the collection of any vehicle from any of our depots at the start of your rental period. The hirer will be liable for the following charges in the event of cancellation of booking 

  • More than 48 hours before booking: No charge.
  • 24 hours - 48 hours booking: 50% of hire charge.
  • Less than 24 hours before booking: 100% of hire charge.

If you make a reservation within 24 hours of your pick up time you will still be liable for the above cancellation charge.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

This is a charge for driving into an area of London known as the congestion-charging zone. The purpose of a congestion charge is to encourage drivers not to drive into busy traffic areas, to ease the traffic congestion and to encourage use of public transport. Congestion charges should be paid in advance of entering the zones.

The charge applies during weekdays, Monday to Fridays, between the hours of 7.00am to 6.00pm, excluding public holidays and bank holidays and between 25th December and 1st January.

You will know when you are entering and leaving the congestion charge zone because you will see congestion charging signs on or at the side of the road.

The sign is white with a red circle, which has a white letter 'C' inside it. There is a sign that also indicates the end of a zone when you are about to leave the charging zone.

When you pay the Congestion Charge you are paying to register your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) on a database. There are no barriers or tollbooths, cameras will read your number plate as you enter, leave or drive within the charging zone and check it against the database of those who have paid the charge or those who do not have to pay the charge because they are exempt or registered for a 100% discount.

Once your VRN has been matched, the photographic images of your vehicle are automatically wiped off the database.