Our Standard Cover

When you hire a vehicle from Arrow Self Drive you can choose to use our insurance for your hire vehicle for any hire up to 28 days. Any rentals longer than 28 days would require you to organise your own insurance policy. If you choose to take our standard insurance policy, you would enjoy the benefits of our fully comprehensive policy which covers you the hirer, any passengers and your hired vehicle in the unfortunate case of an accident occurring. the hirer of the vehicle is responsible for the insurance excess which is detailed below.

Please ensure that you understand all the policy features and charges that you may be liable for so that you can make an informed decision about whether you are happy with our insurance or whether you want additional policies in place. We require a deposit for each vehicle hired which we process on a credit card but monies are not withdrawn unless damage is incurred.

The standard excess is £1,000. We reserve the right to increase the excess with each incident. Please ensure you look at the below table which fully details what is and is not included within the policy.

NB: All insurance policies are reliant on the hirer using the rental vehicle in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement. Cover will default if the necessary due care and attention is not taken, the correct precautions implemented or there is a breach in the Terms and Conditions. (See our full T & C’s here for more information).

Additional Cover

If you require, we do offer an excess reduction product which lowers the excess that the hirer is liable for on the items that are covered within the policy. Please ask a member of our team for further details. 

Arrow Standard Insurance

£1,000 Excess We reserve the right to increase the excess with each incident. Cover would default if the necessary security precautions were not implemented.

What is covered?

  • The vehicle
  • Arrow Standard Insurance
  • Full repairs to the rental vehicle in the event of a road traffic accident (excluding excess).
  • Unlimited third-party liability (including passengers and their property in the hired vehicle).
  • Theft of your vehicle and its accessories (excluding excess).

What isn't covered?

In the following circumstances you will be responsible for the full costs of repair.

Not covered Charge
Glass and Windscreen damage Repairable chips that are not in Zone A or B on the windscreen recharged at £45 + VAT. Any chip within zones A & B would require a replacement windscreen charged at recommended retail price.
Punctures At your own cost
Overhead damage Full cost of repairs to the vehicle
Theft of property within the vehicle At your own cost
Driver of the hired vehicle
(To cover personal injury or loss of life, a personal insurance policy is required)
At your own cost
Lost keys or left in the car Full cost of replacement lock set, supply and fitting to the vehicle
Damaged keys Full cost of replacement key
Damage to the interior of the vehicle Full cost of repairs to the vehicle
Damage caused by hitting low level objects such as bridges or low branches Full cost of repairs to the vehicle
Damage caused by failure to pay due care and attention to potentional hazards on the road such as deep water or debris Full cost of repairs and recovery of the vehicle
Costs following a road traffic accident where our vehicle has to be recovered from an off-road location and there is no third party involved Full cost of repairs and recovery of the vehicle
Refueling with the wrong type of fuel Full cost of removal of fuel, recovery of liquid and repairs to the vehicle
Goods in transit or personal belongings At your own cost