Yorkshire Repak

The challenge

Consolidating a number of vehicle hire contracts into a simple, one-stop-shop, for all of Yorkshire Repaks vehicle hiring needs was needed. Yorkshire Repak required a number of different types of vehicles and different contract terms, and our team in Barnsley were happy to work with Yorkshire Repak to provide a service second to none.

The solution

Since we started working with Yorkshire Repak, we knew that a reliable and cost effective solution was needed to make life easier for their team. Over time, they have moved vehicle hire contracts to Arrow and we work together when it comes to new agreements or existing terms being altered. Trust is key in any business relationship and we feel our level of reliability works hand in hand with our relationship with Yorkshire Repak.

Arrow Self Drive workshop
  • One of the biggest challenges we face is reliability and at short notice our requirements change to suit our business needs, this together with the growing costs of running a business. Arrow (Barnsley) have always been reliable and at short notice, together with competitive pricing. Andy (Branch Manager) and his team have always gone the extra mile to help us and our requirements. Prior to using Arrow, we tried several other rental hire companies, but we could not get the reliability like we do with Arrow. Their customer service is second to none and by getting reliability from Arrow we make sure we don’t let our customers down. A local company which goes the extra mile to put their customers first.

    Yorkshire Repak

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