Dealing with Road Rage

This week two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder as police investigate the death of a pensioner after a road rage attack at a zebra crossing. Aggressive drivers are on the increase as our highways become busier and the stresses of modern life pile on us all. Here are a few tips to avoiding road rage and on handling aggressive drivers who could ultimately do you harm.

What is aggressive driving?

  • Tailgating
  • Using horn
  • Flashing headlights
  • Chaging lanes quickly and regularly
  • Gesturing to other road users
  • Talking on mobile phone

How to avoid getting road rage

  • Try to ensure you are in a calm, good mood before driving.
  • Plan time into journeys in case you are delayed by traffic.
  • Do not overreact to, or panic about, another driver’s error, bad driving or poor attitude, just stay away from them and concentrate on driving well and within the law.
  • Avoid getting into conflict with another driver.

How to handle aggressive drivers

  • Stay calm and think logically
  • If you accidentally cause another driver to become angry hold up your whole hand as a friendly acknowledgement of your mistake
  • Don’t engage in gestures, headlight flashing or sounding the horn
  • Concentrate on driving responsibly.
  • Refrain from eye contact
  • If you are being followed by an impatient driver (tailgated) do not allow yourself to be intimidated or made to increase your speed. Slow down and find a safe opportunity to allow that driver to pass.
  • If you are being persistently followed by an aggressive driver make your way to a public place, police station or busy street and if necessary, call the police. Do not allow an aggressive driver to follow you home.
  • Under no circumstances should you get out of the car to deal with an angry or aggressive driver. Remain in the car with the windows closed and door locked. If necessary, call for help on a mobile phone (not while driving).

if you follow these simple steps you should be able to avoid any nasty confrontations and keep yourself a happy driver.