Our New Paperless Rental System: Saving one Tree at a Time

It has been almost two years in the making and has taken an investment of over £100k, but finally the new digitised rental system is in its final stages and will be rolled out to all of our depots this month.

The new bespoke paperless process has been designed and developed in partnership with The ICT Practice based in Birmingham.

We have already had a paperless workflow in operation in our workshops for almost a year, now we are ready to implement a newly written system for our rentals teams.

The ROI to be gained for any business going paperless cannot be just counted in terms of money, although it is estimated that our new handheld tablet system will save thousands of pounds in printing costs each year.

Calculating the exact amount of paper we will save so early on in the process is trickier, but we estimate that switching to the two new system will reduce our paper usage by at least 70% a year. The impact this has on our environment is admittedly low, we are only a relatively small user, but we like to think that we are contributing to saving the forests one tree at a time and we feel proud to be doing our bit, however small.

Going forward, our customers can benefit from greater accuracy and accountability as well as more streamlined process that is integrated into our vehicle booking platform. The other business benefits to both ourselves and our customers include:

  • Maximised processing capacity
  • Increased productivity
  • Creates immediate access to decision-critical data
  • Saves money per annum on paper and printing costs
  • Improves communications
  • Creates better accountability
  • Time saving (filing, organising, and searching for paper documents )
  • Space saving (hard copies no longer stored)
  • Improves security – GDPR